Preliminary contours of the program
(the plenary reports, sections, round desktops, design groups)

The essential changes are possible during opening-up for a symposium
(The data on September 18, 2001)

Place of realization

8 October - Diplomatic academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
9 and October 10 - Institute of psychology RAS

    Fokin U.E.(Russia)"Opening speech"
    Lepsky V.E.(Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Lefebvr V.A. (USA) "The subject is updated"
    Brushlinsky A.V. (Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Prangishvily I.V. (Russia)Reflexion in control
    Birshtein B.I. (Canada), Borshevich V.I. (Moldova)Reflexive processes and national relation) in the polyethnic and polycultural states
    Chkuaseli V.O. (Russia)Problems of construction of the civil society (reflexive aspects)
    Rubtsov V.V. (Russia) "The subject is updated"
    The actuation 4-5 performances is planned

  1. Reflexive Processes and Control (general problems)
    *****The chiefs: ...
    Belikov V. G. (Russia)Collecting as reflexive process
    Beliaev I.P., Kapustian V.M. (Russia) Reflexive binominal of comprehension of characters Valner F. (Austria) The importance of strangification for reflexive processes
    Voronov A.B. (Russia) The multidiscipline approach to reflexion
    Zenkin Al.A. Zenkin An.A. (Russia) Cognitive a reality and reflexive control. A new stage of a WWW - evolution of mind
    Kazarian A.B. (Russia) Modern problems of control and reflexive processes
    Maracha V. (Russia) Reflexion in a situation of conflict and sociocultural dynamics: institutes as gitiks and performance about socially-organized thinking
    Nosov N. A. (Russia) Virtual blocking reflexion
    Raikov A.N. (Russia) Epistemological decomposition of processes of reflexive control
    Reut D.V. (Russia) Creative compositions
    Romanov K.E. (Russia) Reflexive aspects of optimization of a system of the information in social control
    Smolian G.L., Solnzeva G.N. (Russia) Fast reflexion and behaviour about the scheme in reflexive control
    Solodilov A.I.(Russia) Reflexion, intersubjectivity, ontology
    Sorina G.V.(Russia)Problem - mating procedure in reflexive control
    Stepanov A.M.(Russia)Homeostatic model of a reflexive - reactive way of habitability of object
    Suvorov V.V. (Russia) Will - resource creativity in reflexive control
    Shubin A.N. (Russia) Information control and reflexive processes

  2. Reflexion and activity
    *****The chiefs: Bogoiavlenskaia D.B., Juravlev A.L., Rozin V.M.(Russia)
    Bogoiavlenskaia D.B. (Russia)"The subject is updated"
    Juravlev A.L (Russia) Formation selfreflexion as tag of the collective subject
    Rozin V.M (Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Alekseeva L.V. (Russia)Subjectivity and reflexion
    Bubnova S.S.(Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Kashapov M.M., Razina T.V. (Russia)About one possible typology of the psychological contents of concept reflexion
    Smirnova U.S.(Russia) "The reflexive analysis in a decrease authoring prejudicialnessof the psychologist - investigator"
    Solnzeva G.N. (Russia)Risk, hazard and reflexion
    Tupizin A. (Russia) Rreflexin in cooperative systems of activity
    Panov V.I. (Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Ulibina E.V.(Russia) Reflexion as process of holding of space of personal consciousness
    Sharov A.S. (Russia) Reflexion as the gear of limitation: ontological aspect
    Dvorianchickov N.V.(Russia) Participation of reflexive processes in a regulation of behaviour for faces with anomalies of a tendency

  3. Reflexive processes: Mathematical models and synergetics
    *****The chiefs: Malinetsky G.G., Petrovsky V.A.(Russia) , Taran T.A. (Ukraine)
    Malinetsky G.G.(Russia) Reflexive processes and synergetics
    Petrovsky V.A. (Russia)Transaction model of reflexive selection
    Taran T. (Ukraine) Mapping of principles of reflexive control in mathematical models of reflexive selection
    Aristova S.M., Korolev P.M. (Russia)Factor model of the subject, similar man Viatchenin D.A.(Belorussia)Construction of the formation solutions in the spaces of fuzzy tolerances as the approach to the solution of the task of the fuzzy cluster - analysis: conceptual aspect of a problem
    Malkov A.S.(Russia)FABR - design technique of social processes
    MAlkov A.S., Molina T.T.(Russia)Simulation of reflexive technologies of an antagonism (on materials древнекитайского of a canon " thirty six stratagem "
    Mitin N.A.(Russia)Cell-like networks with variable frame of connection) and mathematical modelling of reflexive processes
    B>Mitina O.V.(Russia)CResearch of the personal characteristics on the basis of model of reflexive selection

  4. Reflexive processes in policy and economics
    *****The chiefs: Borshevich V.I (Russia)
    Anisimov O.S. (Russia) The epicyclic forms of strategic selfdetermination: an essence and problems of consciousness
    Bahur A.B. (Russia) Representation about reflexion as the basis for the description of the man in the conceptual - idealized apparatus of modern engineering practice
    Birtjanova J.A. (Russia)Political competence, social activity and language of training as determinant of emotional attitude of the person
    Birshtein B.I. (Canada) Borshevich V.I. (Moldova) The theory of a reflexivity of Gorge Soros - experience of the critical analysis Bondarovskaia V.M., Sazonova T. (Ukraine) Analysis of reflexive processes of mass consciousness of the citizens on Ukraine by a method of construction of a psychosomatic field of political parties
    Borshevich V. I., Tudos V., Chebuk. (Russia)Reflexive systems of formation organization and between groups conflictings
    Buhtpiarov A.A., Farhtdinov R.T (Russia) The people as strategic object
    Vaganov A.G.(Russia)State technological policy of Russia from the point of view of the concept of reflexive control
    Vasutinsky V.A. (Ukraine)Social - psychological discourses of political power
    Evstifeeva E.A., Tiagunov A.A., Kosiak N.V. (Russia) Reflexion of confidence in a system of economic relations
    Juravlev A.L., Juravleva N.A. (Russia) Social representations about oof of the workers of firms with miscellaneous patterns of ownership
    Kitaev-Smik L.A. (Russia) Information microstress factor as a means of infiltration in a subconscious mind (in "black" electoral know-hows)
    Lubashevsky U. Ia. (Russia) Reflexing PR
    Lubashevsky U. Ia. (Russia) The reflexive analysis of information phobias in Russia
    Liashko M.A., Redko V.G., Tuhveber S.M. (Russia) Model of evolution of the interacting agents in a population of highly technological corporations
    Reut D.V. (Russia) Reasons and tendencies of change of models of control of human resources
    Pozniak D.V. (Ukraine) Reflexive mechanisms of the person in a context of political marketing
    Sivashenko E.N. (Russia) Image of the chief as a component of reflexive control on firms with miscellaneous patterns of ownership
    Tanasov G.G. (Russia) Reflexion of negotiating process with partners with different statuses Tohmacheva N (Russia) Culture and reflexive control in the electoral companies
    Tiagunov A.A. (Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Iarmack U.A. (Russia)Social reflexion of political elite in pracsiological experience

  5. Reflexive processes in mass communications
    *****The chiefs: Zazikin V.G., Matveeva L.V.(Russia)
    Zazikin V.G. (Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Matveeva L.V.(Russia) Mass communications as a organ of refkexion of collective consciousness socium
    Anikeeva T. Ia. V.G. (Russia)The factor of successful of professional work of the television workers
    Efimova L.L. (Russia) Statutiry regulation of broadcasting as reflexion of consequences of mass communications
    Karavanova E.E. (Russia) Selfreflexion of the creative collective subject in the television communications
    Mochalova U.V. (Russia)Value reflexion in professional work of carrying on telenews
    (Russia) Selfreflexing an audience
    Stroganov P.E. (Russia) The reflexive analysis of a crisis situation as collective subject (events on NTV)
    Per the proximate days the actuation 3-4 speeches are planned

  6. Information (informational - psychological) safety, information wars and peace-making activity (reflexive aspects)
    *****The chiefs: Lepsky V.E. (Russia) Lefebvr V.A.(USA) , Rastorguev S.P. (Russia)
    Lepsky V.E.(Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Lefebvr V.A (V.Lefebvr) (USA) Reflexive distinctions in the American and Russian strategic thinking
    Rastorguev S.P. (Russia)"The subject is updated"
    John Yurechko (USA) Psychology of maintenance of piece
    Abaev L.Ch. (Russia)Reflexive case study " Advance of the NATO on East "
    Borodin I.A. (Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Vahin A.A.(Russia)About some approaches of control of the social conflicting resting on reflexive practice
    Kitaev-Smik L.A. (Russia) The Chechen conflicting: the reflexive analysis of last events
    Kostin A.V. (Russia)Reflexive control in political-military activity
    Panarin I.N. (Russia) "The subject is updated"
  7. Reflexive processes in support systems of administrative activity
    *****The chiefs: Maksimov V.I., Raikov A.N. (Russia)

    Lepsky V.E., Raikov A.N.(Russia) Reflexive technologies in support systems of strategic control
    Abramova N.A., Kovriga S.V. (Russia)The reflexive approach to distorting effects in technologies of computer support of intellectual activity
    Vitiaev E.E. (Russia) Reflexive and thinks program systems
    Grigoriev E.P. (Russia)"Reflexor" - gear of reflexive Inter-Projective Deployment of Antropo-Socium (IPDAS)
    Kulinich A.A. (Russia) System of conceptual simulation "Outline" as the tool of arousing of reflexive behavior of the subject
    Maksimov V.I. (Russia) "The subject is updated"
    Sokolov B.V. (Russia)Reflexive know-how of control of structural dynamics of a composite technical system
    Filimonov V.A. (Russia) The sum of know-how. Reflexion
    Frolov U.V. (Russia)Urging of reflexive processes in management with usage of intellectual systems
    Frolov I.V. (Russia)"The subject is updated"
    Per the proximate days the actuation 2-3 performances statements is planned

  8. Development of reflexive capacities
    *****The chiefs: :Semenov I.N., ... (Russia)
    Semenov I.N., Bershtsky G.N., Sklizkov D.M., Ernandes-Castro E.I. (Russia)Methods of gamereflexion in training of staff of commercial organizations, bound with direct service of clients
    Semenov I.N., Goncharuk O.A. (Russia)Reflexive -acmeological approach to certification of staff in personnel policy of organizations
    Bershtsky G.N.(Russia)Development of intuition in process of gamereflexics on a material of extreme dialogue on the phone
    Kopilov G.G.(Russia) Development of methods and principles of reflexive control (RC) on administrative competitions and trainings
    Popova O.A., Filimonov V.A.(Russia)Reflexive aspects of technology of training to information science in an orb of service
    Savenkova I. A.(Russia)Development of reflexive gears of professional selfdetermination of the students - psychologists
    Sidirova A.U. Repetsky U.A. (Ukraine)The analysis in a context reflexive -innovations of a training of personal selfdetermination
    Sklizkov D.M.(Russia)Application gamerefkexic in strategic planning
    Ernandes-Castro E.I. (Russia)Methods gamereflexic within the framework of an intrusion of the Code of business ethics of organization
    Per the proximate days the actuation 4-5 performances statements is planned


    1. Problems of strategic control and development of Russia (reflexive aspects)
      *****Conferes: Lepsky V.E., ... (Russia)
      The making messages: Anisimov O.S., Buhtoiarov A.A., Kulikova N.V., Raikov AZ.N., Stepanov A.M., farhtdinov R.T., Chkuaseli V.O. and others (Russia)
      1. What is a strategic control?
      2. What requirements the strategic subject should fit to?
      3. The strategic subjects in Russia?
      4. What hinders becoming of the strategic subjects of Russia?
      5. What promotes becoming of the strategic subjects of Russia?


    1. Perspective technological environment for support systems of strategic control
      *****Conferes:Lepsky V.E., Raikov A.N (Russia)
      Participants: Abaev L.Ch., Anisimov O.S., Beliaev I.P., Voronov A.V., Grigoriev E.P., Kretov V.S., Maksimov V.N., Malinetsky G.G., Filimonov V.A., Frolov I.V., Frolov U.V., (Russia); Borshevich V.I. (Moldova); Taran T.A. (Ukraine); Lefebvr V.A. (USA) and others

      For participation in activity of design groups the personal coordination is necessary


    1. The international scientific - practical interdisciplinary magazine " Reflexive processes and control "
    2. The monography V.A. Lefebvr " Algebra of conscience " (new issuing 2001, in English)
    3. The monography V.U.Krilov " Methodological and idealized problems of mathematical psychology

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