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"Reflexive Processes and Control"
International Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Journal

Founders: Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Lepsky V.E.
Six-monthly publication
(Russian and English versions)
Registered by the Russian Federation Department for Press,
TV/Radio Broadcasting and Mass Media
Registration Certificate СМИ ПИ № 77-7309 of February 19, 2001

Editor-in-Chief: V.E. Lepsky (Russia)

Editorial Council:
B.I.Birshtein (Canada), Yu.E.Fokin (Russia), V.A.Lefebvre (USA), V.F.Petrenko (Russia), D.A.Pospelov (Russia), I.V.Prangishvili (Russia), V.V.Rubtsov (Russia), V.S.Stepin (Russia), A.A.Streltsov (Russia), Yu.P.Shankin (Russia), S.A.Umpleby (USA), V.P.Zinchenko (Russia), A.L.Zhuravlev (Russia)

Editorial Board:
J. Adams-Webber (Canada), O.S.Anisimov (Russia), K.K.Bogatyrev (USA), V.I.Borsevici (Moldova), O.I.Genisaretsky (Russia), G.G.Malinetsky (Russia), V.A.Petrovsky (Russia), V.L.Rubinovich (Russia), S.P.Rastorguev (Russia), V.M.Rozin (Russia), G.L.Smolian (Russia), T.A.Taran (Ukraine), T.L.Thomas (USA), I.E.Zadorozhniuk (Russia)

Editorial and Publishing Group:
B.M.Borodenkov, V.I.Belopolsky, A.N.Kharitonov, V.N.Krylova, P.A.Razvin (Russia)

1. Reflexive processes and control (methodological, theoretical and methodical aspects).
2. Reflexion and activity. Reflexion and creativity. Understanding of a reflexion in various sciences. Development of reflexive abilities.
3. Mathematical models of reflexive processes and reflexive control. Reflexive processes and cybernetics, synergetics, artificial intelligence.
4. Reflexive processes in various spheres of activity and control:
* Social designing and development, management of a society, policy, economy;
* Information wars, information and information-psychological safety, mass communications;
* Computer science and society, systems of support of the decisions making, support of communities in the Internet etc;
* Culture and education, religious activity;
* Establishment of mutual understanding and trust between the representatives of the various peoples;
* Forecasting and neutralization of various types of the conflicts in a society etc.
5. Hot points and hot problems of a planet (reflexive analysis).

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All materials from the authors are accepted only in an electronic kind on E-mail. Volume of article up to 12 pages (editor Word, font Times New Romen, size 12, through 1,5 intervals, figures by separate files). The literature is given at the end of article with the digital references to it in the text. To article the brief information on the author is applied, the photo of the author (file in a format TIFF), addresses, telephone, fax, E-mail (E-mail is obligatory). The contacts to the authors during completion of article are made on E-mail. After acceptance of article to the publication the author represents to edition the final variant, signed by him of article as a paper copy.

Published with the support of Boris Birshtein
(Doctor of Economics and Philosophy, professor)

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Dr. Vladimir Lepsky
E-mail: lepsky@online.ru

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