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The fifth international interdisciplinary scientific and practical symposium
Reflexive Processes and Control

The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Science, the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Science, the M.V.Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Science and the Institute of Reflexive Processes and Control invite you to the International Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Symposium on Reflexive Processes and Control (RPC'2005 ) to be held in Moscow, Russia, October 11-13, 2005.

Major topics
The scientific fundamental problem - "Reflexive approach and systems research"
The scientific applied problem - "High humanitarian technologies"
The practical problem - "Strategy of the Russian development"


  • 1.Philosophical bases of postnonclassical sciences of control. Modern concepts of sciences of control.
  • 2.Subjects as reflexive systems.
  • 3. Development of reflexive abilities, stimulation and support of reflexive processes in various types of subjects.
  • 4. Mathematical models of reflexive processes and reflexive systems (cybernetics, synergetics, an artificial intelligence, etc.).
  • 5. Reflexive processes in various types of activity and control:
    - Social design, development and management; politics, diplomacy and economics;
    -"Information wars", information and psychological security, mass communications;
    - Computer science and society; decision making support systems; support of Internet communities, etc;
    -Culture and education, religious activity and interreligious relations;
    - Establishing mutual understanding and trust among representatives of various peoples;
    - Forecasting and neutralizing various types of conflicts in society, antiterrorist activity etc.
  • 6. Strategy of Russian development (reflexive aspects).
  • 7. Hot spots and conflicts worldwide: a reflexive analysis.

    The programme of Symposium will include plenary and section sessions, round-tables, discussions, design groups, workshops, evening lectures, organization of the Russian association of reflexive researches etc.



The official languages of the Symposium are Russian and English.

Submission of abstracts
Two-page abstracts of proposed paper should be sent to
E-mail: lepsky@online.ru

Deadline for abstract submission
is August, 15, 2005.
To participate without making presentation, please send us your e-mail address, so we can provide you with full and detailed information.

Registration fee
is 350 US dollars.
A social programme is also planned.

For additional information
please contact
Dr. Vladimir Lepsky
E-mail: lepsky@online.ru
Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Science
Volkhonka St. 14, Moscow, 119992, Russia



E-mail: lepsky@online.ru

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